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Jennifer is a multi-disciplinary artist but primarily spends her focus gleaning unique perspectives of life through patience and attention. These perspectives pour out through insightful works of creative non fiction, crafty compilations, and poems.



Bard College

Literature and Theater


School of the Art Institute of Chicago

MFA Creative Writing

2020 – Present

Reggio Emilia Early Childhood Educator




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Bird Music


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The Riverbend Hotel.

Marie, she went down to the Riverbend Hotel where she found everything exactly as she had left it. The walk there was just as wet as the last one she had taken many moons ago through the streets so hot the cobblestones heated the soles of feet through summer sandals. Cotton and silk pasted to bodies like wet paint during these summer months. The air is so hot Marie has forgotten the Winter and what it feels like to be cold.

“We write to live life twice.”

Anaiis Nin